Weleda Diaper Rash Cream Review

Baby cream is an essential part of my daughter’s routine. Thanks to the genes she inherited from me. She has dry skin too. Well, it isn’t the extreme dryness as of now.

But yet, Chiccoo Baby lotion is not providing her enough hydration these days. And I wanted to avoid the repeated application of the lotion to. So got into the search of a rich baby cream.

Curatio is a known brand to me, as I have used their Tedi Bar Soap. It has impressed me from the first day I bought it. So I was confident of Atogla Cream from the same company.

It indeed proved itself.


About Weleda Diaper Rash:


Package:My daughter talks to the tube (actually baby in the tube) every day after bath when I am doing my work of applying the cream.

Texture: A rich heavy cream. It needs proper massaging to blend and spread on the skin. White butter like to look, the cream is very moisturizing.

If you need just a mild application on your baby’s kin, then don’t use this cream.

Fragrance: Mild fragrance is present in the cream. Though mild, it does last as long as the cream is still there.

Lasting Power: The lasting power of the moisturizer is appreciable. From the time I have started using this cream, I have never felt the need for reapplication on my daughter’s skin. I apply this on her just once in the morning.

So, on a concluding note, I am very satisfied with this cream, especially on my 3+ year old daughter who has dry skin.

Rating: 4.9/5


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