What To Do When Baby Has Dandruff Like Dry Patches On The Scalp


With the birth of the baby, alot of other issues takes birth too.. One issue which I see needs some discussion here is Cradle Cap. What is Cradle Cap? How seriuos the matter is? What needs to be done? Do I need to show my baby to the doctor? So many questions!
Simple, Cradle Cap is not life threatening. It is neither related to baby hygeine nor related to the way how baby is taken care of. But it does come along with the new born babies, stays on for couple of initial months and even goes away without causing any trouble’ also without needing much attention.

So, what is Cradle Cap?

Cradle Cap is more or less similar to dandruff; usually seen in new born infants below 3 months. It is not exactly dandruff; but the scalp of the infant with cradle cap is scaly with thick patches like huge dandruff pieces. Usually the scaly patches are brown in color.



How does Cradle Cap harm the baby?


No, not at all. Babies have the least effect on them while they have cradle cap. It does nothing. Cradle Cap usually  comes and goes on its own without any fuss and problem. Some babies sooner and some a little later.
For some babies it is only on the scalp, and for some babies it might even get down on to forehead, eye brows or ears.

What should I do to my baby’s scaly sclap ?

Nothing much. Don’t pay a lot of attention towards the scaly patches unless they look too red, inflamed, infected or anything serious like.
Just do the daily oil massage routine while baby’s bath. Use a mild baby shampoo to cleanse the oil from the head.
Do not pull out the dry patches with any pressure. Just brush away the ones that have flaked away themselves.
It is not any type of infection on your baby’s skin. It does not spread along. There is no specific reason why Cradle Cap happens.
It is just one topic that comes along with the child’s birth.

Do I need to show my baby to the doctor?

Peadeatrician’s words are the ultimate pacifiers for the mother no matter who else have suggested the same things earlier.
If the sclay patches seems infected, or there are red bleeding rashes, or any form of severe discomfort the baby is facing, then a doctor’s examination is always suggested.

Personal experience:

I remember my daughter had cradle cap in the first two months after her birth. I used coconut oil for her head and body massage. Initially I used Tedi Barsoap for both head and body. Later slowly switched Pegion Liquid Soap (as both bath and shampoo product).
I always made sure her scalp was never left oily, else the sclay patches instead of flaking away would stick to her scalp.


Your baby has Cradle Cap? What did you do?

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