What to do when there is deficiency of Milk?

Insufficient milk is a problem that may happen very soon after the delivery. However, do not resort to measures such as taking malt liquor or wine as a measure frequently resorted to, since some resort to this as a custom of nourishing the infant with proper sufficient milk. This is hazardous for both the constitution of the mother as well as the infant but the questions remains to be answered: How do I obviate this difficulty of secreting sufficient milk?

Maintaining proper health of the nurse, abiding by the laws of nature, and doing things properly will increase the quantity and quality of the milk. The milk will be rightly nourished, sufficient and of good quality which is produced by the nurse. Diet can be generous, plain and nutritious with no one prescription of food but as mixed as meat or vegetarian with or without malt liquor or wine according to the previous daily habits.

If malt liquor is not taken previously, take a pint of good ale, if the stomach can accommodate the drink. Exercising properly in open air with regularity will promote the secretion of milk vastly. As soon as you leave the lying-in room, carriage exercise, horse exercise and daily walk are preferable. Take tepid or cold salt-water shower bath every morning but when that is not possible, sponge the body with salt-water.

The constitution of the parent is also important in producing sufficient and quality breast milk. Sometimes, the breasts may look enlarged upon confinement but after the delivery of the baby, there could be mere oozing of milk from the nipple. After some time, there may be a gradual increase in the quantity of the milk to feed the baby enough but then artificial diet, which was taken until now, would subject the bowels of the baby to illness with diarrhea and other symptoms.

This is obtained from a special case but may not happen to each and everyone. This case saw the baby become too feeble to hold the nipple of the mother due to its diarrhea. Then, spoon feeding was resorted to. After sometime, the baby got breast-milk again after their health resorted to normalcy. Now, the mother has sufficient flow of milk and the baby takes it with ease.

If the deficiency happens in the early stages, babies may become more demanding in the sixth or seventh month surpassing the amount the mother can produce. Artificial foods can help cover this deficiency which can be fed with a feeding bottle.

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