What To Feed Your 9 Month Old Toddler

What To Feed Your 9 Month Old Toddler

Feeding your baby semi solid foods had already started however once your baby turns 9 months, we are ready to get more adventurous with our toddler. If feeding your baby pureed or mashed food has been a success then the next step is going to be easy and effortless. It’s more of a shift to more regularised and larger portions. Since my baby had started eating as early as 4 months, I feel by the time he turned 9 months he was only too happy to try out new stuff and explore his taste buds.

Since we try and don’t feed babies any non-vegetarian food till they at least turn 9 months that was the first thing I tried with my little guy and there was no looking back. As such he was already nibbling from my plate. There was not a single meal that I ate without him digging his little fingers in my plate. I made a simple chicken stew with rice and he relished it.

I read somewhere that “Feed your Child the rainbow.” Over the course of a day, serve lots of different colors, including green (peas, green beans, spinach, etc.), orange (sweet potatoes) , yellow (bananas), and red (cooked tomatoes, red peppers). Although it’s tempting to count a cup of juice as a fruit serving, juice is not as nutritious as we think. I always made him eat a whole fruit whichever was available in season. As a result he eats all fruits till date.

The diet chart for a nine month old remains pretty much the same barring a few additions. First ofcourse adding non vegetarian to their meals. Chicken and Fish are good things to start with. Red meats are heavier to digest and unhealthy. As you were earlier keep checking for allergies. Also, the rate of digestion. Since we are increasing quantities, we need to keep an eye on kids if they are able to digest it properly.

Babies are their own people. If they aren’t in the mood then don’t try and force – feed them. They are also in the process of exploring new things and suddenly new additions in their diet can add to their mood swings.

It may help to adopt the motto “Let it slide.” Babies this age eat when they’re hungry and don’t have food hang-ups yet. So it’s not about how your meal has been cooked it’s more of them finding and exploring their independence and moods. On your part you should ensure that their meals are healthy, nutritious as well as interesting. Their attention span is really less and on top of that they get bored really easily even with their own toys. So their meals have to be creative colourful as well as appetizing.

Suggested below are some options for main meals to make it a Balanced Meal:-

  • Breakfast – Eggs, Oats, Cereals, Milk, Pancakes etc.
  • Lunch – Lentils, Vegetables, Roti, Salad, Curd etc.
  • Snack – Fruit, Home Baked Cakes, Sandwiches etc.
  • Dinner – Home – made Pasta with vegetables, Baked  Chicken Lasagne, Grilled chicken with Rice

Keep in mind your own dietary intakes as well. The sooner you get your baby used to regular food the better it is going to be for you. Also, do not fret much about what other kids are eating and how much. Focus on your child and make it healthy.

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