When is the right time for potty training


There is no hard and fast rule that is set about potty training age. It is based on the fact of 3 baby C’s.

  • Convenience,
  • Comfortableness
  • Confidence.

For babies under the age of 2 there is absolutely no chance to control when they pee or poo. This is because their controlling muscles would not have grown to such an extent. But you can keep explaining the fact that they have to inform before thy release. This point will be grasped since their understanding capability would have been increased at the age of 2.



Most parents start their effort in potty training when their child is in between 2 to 3.

If the child is willing to use the toilets, then well and fine. Else do not force or drag her/him to the toilet. This will induce fear in the mind of the child and the child might never get away with it. Wait until the baby is ready all by herself/himself. You do not have to teach actually. Babies/toddler has a tendency to copy others.

As time teaches everything the child will gain confidence in using the toilet. So wait until the confidence occurs completely. Boosting the confidence is the parent’s job; not forcing.  Most children are not able to handle all by themselves at least until the age of 5.

Early introducing of babies to toilet training might result into accidents. So, do not hurry; do not worry.

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Have you started potty training your child?

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