When Should You Introduce Cow’s Milk To Your baby?

Cow’s milk is a rich source of nutrition with very high protein content. But for babies, cow’s milk cannot be a whole drink very easily.

Doctor’s advice parents to avoid cow’s milk until the baby turns at least 1 year. Even after introducing the cow’s milk, the baby should not be given more than required. Babies can’t digest cow’s milk as easily as breast milk or formula milk. The high proteins are hard on the immature digestive system.



Reasons to avoid cow’s milk before 12 months of age:

  • Some babies are lactose intolerance. And early introduction of cow’s milk might lead to diarrhea or stomach bloating. This is due to immature intestines.
  • The proteins also cause allergic reactions in the baby’s body like skin rashes. Some cases have been reported that has caused life time allergies due to early introduction of cow’s milk.
  • Cow’s milk is tough of babies kidneys too.
  • Iron deficiency is another issue. Cow’s milk does not contain enough iron for infants. Thus if baby does not get enough of the required nutrients, then the baby will turn anemic.
  • Cow’s milk cannot be a substitute for breast milk. Breast milk has a lot more nutrients and vitamins than cow’s milk. In case of insufficient breast milk, formula feed is a better choice over cow’s milk for babies under 1 year.
  • Overall, cow’s milk does not provide the healthiest type of fat for growing babies/infants.

How should I give cow’s milk to my baby?

Some babies switch over to cow’s milk without any fuss or problem. But some do have reactions. If the baby does not like the taste of cow’s milk, then the taste need to be altered to suit the baby’s taste.

Cow’s milk should be given in the right quantity. If given more, it might reduce the baby’s diet of consuming other nutritious foods.

Whole milk is good for growing babies. If there is risk of obesity, then toned milk is preferred.

So, when did you introduce cow’s milk to your baby?

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