When To Ear Pierce The Baby – Expeirence

Ear piercing for your baby; when are you planning?

Ear piercing is one the main task in one’s life, I guess through out the world. It is fashion somewhere; it is tradition else where; and there are certain customs involved for some. In India, usually ear piercing is done at a very tender age for both boys and girls. Auspicious days like Akshayatrithiya or Ugadi or any other occasion of similar importance is usually selected for piercing the ears.

Now, the main concern is, when are you planning to pierce the ears of your baby. Now or later is the question. Many parents get it done within the first year of their baby. I have heard varied experiences after my baby was born.

Experience 1: This is summarizing my mother’s experience while piercing my ears. I was 10 months old then, had already started to crawl and move around. My dad had bought a tiny gold stud. The jeweler was an experienced person in ear piercing job. Now, usually babies are very reluctant and doubtful about strangers. And this is what happened, he had not even touched my ears, I started struggling and howling. Now how can the ear piercing session happen!!?? To add to this, I had to be held tight when the jeweler did his job. He had a tough time in managing the precision in my ears.  Since he was an expert, the pierced hole and the entire stud thing did not create any problem in my ears later on.

(My first ear piece. I still treasure this. I use this even now though I am too old to use this baby ear stud.)

Experience 2: My cousin and her baby daughter. Here too the baby was 9 months old and was well ahead in her activities. Managing her to be still while piercing her ears was a big challenge. One ear was perfect. The other ear got the hell of the experience. Poor baby. Instead of the earring coming out from behind the ear, it came out at the bottom end of the ear. At that point of time neither my cousin nor her family members observed it. The jeweler locked the earring at the bottom end and went off with heavy fees, some rice and coconut which he demanded as a traditional giving. Every one was just concerned about the baby in pain. This baby had to under go another round of piercing. By this time she was over one year; and it was even more troublesome to rectify the first piercing mistake. This time my cousin opted for the jeweler who had pierced my ears; he got it right. :). But the wound took long to heal since the baby kept touching her ears (of course accidentally) and the wound often went ripe. It got infected, and there was some pus formation. Both mother and daughter struggled.

Experience 3: My very own story in piercing my daughter’s ears. I had to join back work after 81 days of maternity leave and was in an idea of finishing off the entire ear job before I join back. The topic of ear piercing kept coming up right when she completed her first month. I used to freak every time and hush up the topic. But my mom got adamant and decided sooner the better. My daughter was just about 50 days when she got her earring. . Nothing happened. She gave out a shout and the shout subsided in just one minute. A slight holding of her head was required so that she would not turn around while piercing. The wound was not at all there. It was just normal the next day. For my daughter, the jeweler who pierced was the son of the same person who pierced me. Generations of experience.

                                                                                            (My daughter, the day her ears were pierced. :))

Expereince 4: My sister and her son. From the experience of piercing for her first grand daughter, my mother again decided the sooner the better policy. My sister kept saying, what is the need of an earring for a boy!! She wanted to skip the whole episode of ear piercing for her son. Her views were not considered and everything went on easily.  Baby was 45 days old when his ears were pierced.

Do I need to summarize and conclude when is the right time to pierce your baby’s ears!!

Note down ‘sooner the better’. It has to happen now. And everything will finish off in just a flash when your baby is very tiny. As the baby grows, there are many challenges to handle and the whole thing spans for long. The pain is no better later.

Can you skip the date of the vaccinations for your new born? Consider it is just the same when it comes to you baby’s ear piercing.

Tips For Ear Piercing :-

  •  Choose an experienced person to do the ear piercing job.
  • I used a gold string instead of a stud for my daughter. This was suggested by the jeweler who pierced my daughter’s ears.
  • Do not skip the ear piercing, be it son or daughter. It is said that, ear piercing helps the functioning of the diaphragm well. Not sure how true the fact is, but it could be true.
  • The traditional piercing through the jeweler is the best option rather than going for a doctor’s gun shot method. This was my pediatrician’s views. He said it usually did not go well for infants with gun shot piercing.

So now, happy time with your baby. Enjoy mother hood which comes with great happiness and responsibilities.

P.S- Chandani is an Engineer who gave up her job for her about to be two year old daughter.Fond of collecting jewellery and DIY are her few of the interest beside blogging.

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