When To Go For Lactation Consultant

When To Go For Lactation Consultant

Motherhood brings along not only the joy of having a reflection of self but also has many complications in the process of becoming a mother. Pregnancy, as we already know, is a complex biological functioning which is responsible for the evolution of living beings on the earth.

When a baby is born,everything seems to be perfect and all the pain & emotional struggle which a mother experiences during the period of nine months just vanishes. Well, some woman are really lucky in this regard that they are back to being normal soon after delivery while there are some woman who have to face issues like problem in breast feeding or no milk secretion an likewise.

As a woman delivers a newborn, there is a need to feed the baby as the milk secretion starts on its own. Generally the gynecologist explains initially the right way to breast feed your baby and after a few sessions of practice , a mothers easily gets acquainted with the how to’s of breastfeeding.

Well, if that is the case , then why do we even need to see a Lactation Consultant precisely! Well, as already mentioned, that pregnancy & delivery tends to affect the internal physiology of the body and there are many functions which need enough time to get back to normal. So when a woman is facing difficulties related to breastfeeding a Lactation Consultant is called to advise the new mother on what problems she is facing and how to deal with them.

Generally, in Western countries it is often seen that new mothers take up the advice from Lactation Consultants just to know the basics of Breastfeeding and as to what things to keep in mind while breast feeding.

India has particularly a large population who is not so comfortable with the idea of seeing a Lactation Consultant as they don’t find it more relevant than what their mothers or grandmothers or their Gynecologist  have told them!

Well, here is a little contradiction as I am not against the valuable experiences of the elderly women of the family who share their challenges and issues of breastfeeding but the thing is every one is different and what remedy worked for one doesn’t necessarily works on everyone! A lactation Consultant is exclusively versed n the science and physiological basics of breastfeeding and is actually more aware of the reasons which are actually responsible for causing breastfeeding issues in new mothers.

Although there is not fixed time as to when to see a Lactation Consultant but doctors generally advice the new mothers to see one as early as possible after post-partum.

Well, I believe that the following conditions clearly indicate that one should see a Lactation Consultant at the earliest.

  • While breastfeeding there is severe pain in the nipples.
  • The baby feeds for more times in one day ( more than 7 times).
  • You need to see the Lactation Consultant if you have tender or swollen area in the breast.
  • If there is problem with the baby gaining weight or is ill most of the times, you surely need an expert advice with breastfeeding.
  • In case you are on medication for any other issue, you need to consult the Lactation expert about breastfeeding to your child during undergoing certain medication.
  • If you are having doubts about using a breast pump, you need to ask all the queries to the Lactation consultant as their expert advice will help you in the best possible way.
  • If you think that your milk supply has been reduced due to some reason, you need to see a Lactation expert to know the right reason!

Well, even if you are not facing any issues with breastfeeding, you can always see a Lactation Consultant just for the support and right knowledge of breastfeeding.

I hope you find these tips useful!

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