Where do I start? -Weight Loss Guidelines For PCOS Women

Hmm…now that we have decided to ring in the new year with fitness, shouldn’t we know where to start? Well…here’s your guide. I will try my best-est not to sound preachy, but I want this to be a ready-reckoner on what to do and what not to do before you kick off exercising…all the best ladies!

Weight Loss Guideline

  • Put your goals on a paper and stick it where you can see it. I have framed the picture in my previous post to motivate me; yes, even on those cold mornings where I’d rather snuggle up under the warm blanket
  • Find a place for yourself – it can be next to your bed, on the floor (preferably) or outside and out of view if you like privacy with sufficient space for all your moves (you don’t want your skipping rope or hands banging the walls or the fan/AC right?)
  • I use this measure to carve the space for exercise – skip 10 rounds the length and breadth of the space – mark that out for yourself, its sufficient for you .
  • Finish your bowel movements, drink a glass of water (lukewarm or hot, never cold or from the fridge)
  • Exercise gear is not mandatory; it is mainly for the ease of motion. It will also keep you in the mood. My favorite is the headband with my hair in a ponytail. I have always loved the combo.
  • Get a mat, personally I hate it because it moves and gets wrinkled, I get shoe marks on it. But these new age yoga mats come in cool color (time to go shopping) and don’t move. If the ground is especially hard, if you are in Delhi/Gurgaon you will need a mat to buffer the chill
  • Music station – of course, you need this and if possible a video device (TV/DVD player/laptop/Tab/or even a wide screen mobile) to see and perform
  • A bottle of water and you are set

Oh are you wondering if I have lost it? What happened to gym balls, dumbles etc? Well, because Ana has given me free reign to pen down my experiences, this is purely my point of view (POV). I profess I am no expert but just another person trying her own method to lose those extras.

  • Skipping rope – this is useful, I forgot about it. I use this as a warm up
  • Include dumbles in your set – a 1kg or 1.5 kg is like a free-size one. Any higher, not everyone at home can use it.
  • Include the exercise ball, I loved it but storing it at home is a pain. It rolls away when not wanted and stays dormant when it is required to move. Also it gets dirty, dusty and cleaning up is a pain.

Now, for some donts…not many but definitely some to keep in mind

  • Hydrating yourself is a must – please drink a glass of water or even water with lemon & honey in it
  • I already mentioned this, but it’s worth reiterating. Don’t drink cold water or water from the fridge before an exercise
  • Isolated fat burning – you can’t lose weight on one cheek to ensure both your cheeks look proportionate – no that’s not how it works. You have to do equal sets of both for the best result from a workout session
  • My personal idea is to never do one exercise all the time, be it cardio, aerobics, swimming etc. You will get bored and after a while might become resistant that you are not tiring your fat/muscles as much to lose the fat. Rotate your exercise routines
  • Don’t compare yourself to a Pamela Anderson or a Kareena Kapoor size 0 body, you are only setting yourself up for failure

Happy exercising!!

Do share your weight loss tips if you have any

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