Why Do Babies And Toddlers Cry?

Why do babies and toddlers cry?


You see others’ beautiful, cute, smiling babies in market/malls/train/airport or anywhere… u say hello baby, and she smiles back and you say oh how sweet…

You generally like babies, and have the license to make them {You are married } and you think…

Honey, let’s plan our own baby!

The baby comes and smiles at you, laugh out loud on your silly actions, eats all the nutrition in the world, is super duper cute, and after a playful merry day, goes to bed by 8 in evening and gets up at 8 in morning for his feed….

Knock knock !!!

Come back from your dream sweetie… time for a reality check!! Your baby is super charged to play post midnight, cranky to be always clinging to you, gets up from the sleep the moment you try to get a quick power nap, does his potty the moment you sit up for lunch and sometimes cries almost whole day!!!



Well, the mommyhood doesn’t come easy and the most difficult and painful part is to see your beloved baby crying and howling.

Experts from all over the world are working on it from past many years that why do babies cry. One of the very interesting theories behind this is –

New born babies do cry at night to make you stop from making another baby!!! He he.

Well, how correct this theory is , no questions on that but there can be ‘N’ number of reasons why your baby is crying.

‘Crying’ is the principal means of communicating the negative emotions and a crying baby is trying to tell you something, hoping that its you who brought him into the world and you knows all the decoding of the signals don’t worry, you very soon will be an expert in it… I have and sooner or later we all become.

Lets help you figure out what that Ooo..n..waaan… :’( means and what does your darling wants to say:

Ooo..n..waaan… Mumma am I going to get something to eat or drink? Oh god am so hungry/thirsty{ HUNGER/THIRST}

This is probably the first thing to think of. Babies do become fretful and difficult when they are hungry and if they fall in toddler age group then their blood          sugar level drops because they are hungry or dehydrated. So, what are you waiting for? go on and feed him.

Ooo..n..waaan… Is there anyone in the house who will change my diaper/nappy? I just peed/pooped…grrr { DIRTY DIAPER}

Some babies do tolerate dirty diapers for long but some tell you right away when to change. If they are not in diaper then probably a wet pant needs to be changed and potty cleaned. So what that you just sat for your meal

Ooo..n..waaan.. oh lord enough of playing & peek-a-boo! Do anyone remember I am a baby and needs to sleep too!!! { SLEEPINESS/TIREDNESS}

Yes being a baby is easy, can sleep whenever, wherever and as much as they want. But the difficult part is that if you miss out the first signals/cues of being sleepy, your baby might end up being cranky and fussy. This hold true specially at bed time. Too much excitement and stimulation may overtire a baby who then becomes irritable and is difficult to settle. So making a bed time routine will be of great help.

Ooo..n..waaan… just don’t ask me why…I desperately need to get cuddled into you mommy { INSECURITY}

Fear of being separated from you can last for many months. Your touch, smell and proximity means a lot to your little one. After all he is used to being inside you for so long! Either you or having a comfort object such as a special toy, a pacifier for soothing the sucking reflex or favorite blanket swaddled around your baby can provide the extra security he needs.

Don’t worry that carrying around your baby will spoil him and make him habitual of rocking and swaying but during the first few months its impossible.

Ooo..n..waaan… why on earth I can’t do this? This is just not happening mumma   { FRUSTRATION }

Either your baby is aiming to do something which is out of his capabilities like climbing up and standing when he just knows how to sit, or else you are refraining him to do something which he wants to do by saying NO. well, this one is tricky, because if you say too much of NO then rather than you, he will be the one using that word more frequent while eating, sleeping etc you can try using redirection instead of saying NO.

Ooo..n..waaan… Does anybody realize from how long I am playing in this confined area with the same toy! { BOREDOM }

As your toddler is spending more time awake, the chances of him getting bored are increasing manifolds. Although he loves his toys but his attention span is short and thus those toys won’t keep him amused for long. So he wants more of unusual things and activities as his toys and entertainment. Beware, my toddler’s favorite fun activity was throwing our mobile phones into dustbins . so engage him into an altogether new activity or a changing of place and scene will also help soothing.

Ooo..n..waaan… Ah…Ah..Dham!!! mumma, no one noticed but I just fell trying to grab that thing…its hurting { INJURY }

If your baby is mobile then with each passing day he is becoming more prone to knocks and falls. Even a little bump can bring serious sobbing, more so because you missed seeing that J always be sympathetic in such situations and hug him close. (do apply some frst aid and take care of injury if it needs attention)

Ooo..n..waaan… I am happy chewing the food like this, I don’t want these teeth to cut…it hurts L{ TEETHING }

Teething can be sometimes very easy to handle but sometimes may cause lot of discomfort. Specially if your toddler is cutting his molars which are hard to cut compared to incisors. Use remedies to soothe the pain.

Ooo..n..waaan… Look, I need only this much temperature and humidity , so please adjust it asap…grrr { TOO HOT or COLD }

If the baby is crying while a nappy change or bath, probably he is not liking the cold feeling. And if you overdress him then he may feel too hot and thus too uncomfortable. So check for the signs of sweating or chills and adjust the clothing and temperature accordingly.

Ooo..n..waaan… No more massi/bua/mama/chacha/nani/dadi for today… I have had enough!!! { OVER STIMULATION }

Yes, you are right, babies do learn a lot from the stimulation around them. But sometimes, its so much happening around so fast that they can’t process it all at one go! The shuffling from one lap to another, the loud and continous noise/light. The continous display of talent –

beta handshake karo/doggy kaise karta hai/say bye etc etc etc.

give your baby a soothing calm quite place break in such situations.

Ooo..n..waaan… do I always need to fart out loud for you to understand its GAS…I feel embarrassed { TUMMY TROUBLE }

Just observe the link between feeding and crying. If the fuss and crying is usually after being fed, than it might be because of gas, acidity, reflux, colic, tummy pain, indigestion, some allergy etc. consult with your doctor, and find a solution to it.

Ooo..n..waaan… Arghhh… I am fed up of that tiny thread around my finger, pls remove it{ SOMETHING REALLY SMALL }

Check out for anything irritable or itchy like a tiny thread stuck somewhere, some irritable cloth fabric or labels, some piece of jewellery, some tacky smell from clothes or bedding etc.

Ooo..n..waaan… I am just not feeling well … { ILLNESS }

The continous, inconsolable crying can sometimes be because of some underlying medical condition which a doctor needs to evaluate.

Phew!!! This should help you make an understanding. Gradually you will get to know your baby’s personality and the techniques and tricks which works best to sooth him.

All the best…Happy parenting!!!

So, what do you have to say about crying babies or toddlers?

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