Why do babies cry?

Perhaps babies cry for only one reason though we might assume several reasons for a baby’s crying. More importantly, we think that the baby is adamant in a demand and look at the baby as though it is causing unnecessary disturbance. Before you go on to think as such, please rethink on why an innocent baby would cry? The baby wants to communicate to you and that is the only reason it cries.

Babies might be behaving normally but suddenly it might start crying incessantly as it just wants to grab your attention. Normally, babies cry during the first three months after their birth. It was thought that babies cried more during the day owing to the unrest that would prevail during the day. Contrary to this belief, it is suggested that babies can automatically shut down all the noise from the atmosphere in order to catch up with some sleep.

But after six weeks, the baby loses this ability totally at times. Then the sensitiveness towards external noises will increase. This is the reason why a baby cries incessantly after a period of time which leads us to mistake that the baby is a form of disturbance. Since your baby cannot speak, he or she tries to communicate to you by crying. Understanding why your baby cries is a major feat in itself. Here are some reasons listed on why your baby would cry.


Oh, understand this as soon as the signals are sent to you through crying. In his infancy, he is sure to cry most of the times as he feels hungry. This cry could be identified when there is a persistent howl with a demanding and repeated rhythm. The rhythm is not something for you to keep hearing but is a signal for you to act swift.


When we have got every right to be bored, so have the babies. How embarrassing would it sound if an adult cried as he is bored? Crying due to boredom means that you have to play with him and make him laugh which would be more beautiful to see as his crying is. Playing with him is very much important and this cry also has a repeated rhythm while sobbing and moaning.


While we need our couch to be comfortable as a potato, babies may feel pain due to discomfort since he cannot make himself rightly seated. Discomfort can cause pain and please avert it for your baby by removing the thing that causes discomfort. Your baby becomes more persistently loud, heavily demanding with shrieks and screams. Reach out for help!


You do not want to be disturbed while at sleep. This happens before, during or after sleep as they are scared of some noise or disturbance. Sometimes, it could also be an illness which demands immediate attention.

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