Why Father’s Parenting Is Beneficial

Motherhood Made Easy By Fatherhood


Sounds Confusing Right?? Well, in reality it’s as simple as you want it to be. Would love to share my experience for my lovely readers. Hope this helps you to blissfully enjoy this phase of motherhood.

We were trying actively to make a baby and as soon we got to know that I had conceived we started actively reading up on dos and don’ts. Thanks to my hubby who is a voracious reader, he devoured the internet and checking for validated information and sending me notes, mails etc. We read, compared notes, heard from other new parents and made our own strategy to welcome our new arrival.



My husband by nature is a very involved family man, so when our little bundle was due there was no way he would not be around as much as he could and more. Right from day 1 whether our boy had to be put to bed, burped, massaged, bathed etc. he did it all and still continues to do so. J Aren’t I blessed? Even my little ones clothes that needed to be hand washed would be kept aside in the tub, he would get back from work and do it himself. Just didn’t trust anyone to do it. Lolllzz.



His involvement was so intense and beautiful that eventually we all made fun of him, that if you could carry the baby and feed him you would be more deserving to be called the mother..

Here’s How we went about it:

  • Involvement of the Father from Day 1 – As soon as you learn you have conceived, start involving the dad to be. In our case it was extremely natural as my husband was extremely enthused to do everything and anything to bond with the baby and make thing’s easier for me.
  • Helping Hands – In our case it was decided, that both moms would just be there to enjoy the baby and not help around at all regarding the baby. Reason being that they weren’t going to stay with us indefinitely so we did not want our baby to get used to them and make things harder for us when they left.



  • Maids – We consciously decided that the maids would help with the rest of the house like cleaning, dusting etc, but nothing at all for the baby. Firstly, the level of hygiene is very different and secondly, it is nothing but an old wives tale that maids can do certain chores like massage, bath etc. better for the baby than the parents.
  • Your Way or the Highway – Sounds a bit harsh, but if followed it’s going to be beneficial for not just the baby but you guys as well. If you have decided something for your baby, stick to it despite the numerous suggestions, advices etc. You are the parent and you know best.



  • Conditioning – As a parent who has brought a toddler in the world, it is their responsibility to bring up and nurture the child in the best possible way. Equally important is to continue your life the way it was before your baby came. Do not change it so much that you would start hating yourself and your current situation at some point in time. Involve your baby in your life, he/she is too little to understand better and they adjust to your routine soon.

So Mommies, what are you waiting for? And remember it’s never too late.

Get your husbands to be more involved right now.

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