Why & How To Give Dates To Your Baby

Why & How To Give Dates To Your Baby


Dates are a very healthy food everyone. This is highly nutritious and the best super food for babies too.

The only issue with introducing dates for babies is its texture. The whole puree of dates is not a good idea to babies. A bowl of carrot puree is very easy to be fed, but bowl full of dates puree is not a great idea.

Dates are to be used as added flavour for the baby/toddler meal or drink.



Here are few ways you can give dates for your child.

  • Make tiny bits of dates add it into your baby’s porridge. The bits should be really tiny so that it does not choke the baby.
  • Drop 2 to 3 whole dates in a bowl. Add half cup of warm milk and allow to soak for one hour. Once the dates are fully soft, squeeze little make it loosen into the milk. Strain and remove the bits if any. Use this date’s flavoured milk to add to a glass full of milk or to prepare the grain porridge.
  • You can also make your own dates syrup. Deseed the dates and soak in half cup sizzling hot water. After some time, dissolve the dates fully by smashing well. Use the pulpy dates to flavour the toddler or baby’s snack. You can add it to the oats recipe or cornflakes recipe.
  • The dates syrup can also be boiled with some more water and topped on a bowl of fruits.
  • Add dates syrup raw or boiled or may be chopped dates too into a bowl of yogurt. Yogurt and dates together make a very good energy booster.
  • Deseed dates and cut them into strips. This makes a very good finger food foe toddlers.

Why should you give dates for your baby?

Read a recipe of energy drink from dates, almonds and poppy seeds for babies – here



Have you introduced dates to your baby?

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