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Firstcry.com experience


I have bought almost all my baby things online and that is the reason I keep comparing many websites together and zero in on the ones which are the best. Recently First cry was running an offer which tempted me .First cry doesn’t seems to be a site which will be unprofessional or will believe in cheating their customer. I ordered a baby potty car.

I imagined how fun it will be when my baby will be enjoying the car drive and will poo into it and learn the art in middle of the fun :D. I placed my order (no – 487592LJ75681143) on 30th Nov and it took them some 25 days to deliver the car. I thankfully chose cash on delivery otherwise I would have been more irritated but I seriously wish this order would have not arrived only and I would have purchased a better thing in sale after checking it out here.

Being a mom who handles her baby and manages multiple blogs, it becomes difficult for me to visit malls every now and then and this is the reason we trust the baby sites. I have found that in the mall in sale season brands offer much better discount than first cry but still due to paucity of time I opted them. After all, who wouldn’t like things getting delivered on their door step?

So story moves ahead and I paid 1000 bucks and opened the package in excitement ..

and to my surprise both parts don’t even fit together and the car is lying useless in my store room now. I mailed them – complaining about the product and received no reply for 4-5 days. I then posted a message on their facebook page and Pop ! came a reply – not from them – but a customer who must have had the similar bad experience from them. As per her, my struggle to replace or get the refund has started .I thought I won’t be the one but actually I am the one.

I have never received any reply till date from them.In between there was a call that they’re talking to the vendor but that was about 20 days ago. Company has not even replied to even one of my mails ! Which is just unbelievable in today’s online scenario where companies like Flipkart reply to one mail with in few hours.

Below is the picture of the car which I sent them which must be lying in their trash mail right now.

After facing this I checked their reviews online and found that many people have burnt their pocket and it’s not just me.

Anyway! They have lost a customer who would have shopped a lot from them. I was planning to buy some organic food from their sister website goodlife but not anymore. Even if they’d shown the decency to apologize and correct their mistake in time, I’d have appreciated it as much on the public forum as I’m doing right now.

I am sharing my experience on the open platform here so that you at least few of you can save your money from them.

Have you shopped from Firstcry.com? Was your experience similar or worse than mine ?

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