Why We Should Not Use Talcum Powder On Babies

Few days back, one of my close friends sent a picture of her niece where her mom was applying baby powder on her. We feel that it will help baby in getting rid of the rashes or help in avoiding the rashes. Especially , it is used in summer season the most to avoid sweat and are used as a deodorant too.

In India it is still a regular habit but as per American Academy of Pediatrics, powders can cause breathing problem.If you ask your pediatrician then he or she will tell you that it’s not recommended now . If he has no ideas about it then better change the pediatrician as he is not equipped with new changes .

Coming to the rashes. Well I myself have tried it when I was unaware and had misplaced the baby rash cream. It hardly works. One has to switch to baby diaper rash cream sooner or later. I agree that powder helps in keeping the baby bums dry, but after drying it needs a thin layer of protective ointment or cream.  So switching to ointment is still a better idea.

You will also find that  baby powders are not that famous in U.S and one of the biggest reasons is this. It’s a strict “No” there. Still if you can’t stay without it now then try using a cornstarch based powder and do your best that the baby does not inhale much of it. You can put the powder first on your hand and then apply it all over keeping it near to baby body as much as possible. Only prevention which you have to take care is not to shake it when you child is near by .

Happy parenting

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