Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table Review

Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table Review

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Today is time for a fun review. It is about an activity table that keeps kids busy and lets them have fun. This table is from Winfun and I got it from Mom & Me store. I bought it when my daughter started standing. She loved to stand with a support so I decided to make it more fun for her.

About Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table

Cherish the smile on your infant’s face and ensure that the baby’s smile lasts forever by purchasing this toy. The Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table is a fun toy for infants. The activity table comes with a five note piano with flashing lights. Instilled in the toy are fun melodies to keep your infant occupied at all times .The Winfun letter train is a unisex toy equipped with detachable legs that makes it comfortable to use. The activity table is suitable for infants over the age of 1. The dimensions of this toy are 10.8 x 55.6 cm and it weights only 2283 g. This fascinating toy runs on 3 AA batteries.

Price: INR 2899

You can buy this activity table from here


This table has four detachable legs. Due to presence of four legs, the table provides good support to kids. In Fisher Price table that I reviewed earlier, there are only 3 legs and there is a high chance of it flipping. There is no such problem with this table.

The activity table has plethora of activities. It has two volume settings. Two sides of the table have rattle holders in various shapes.

Lets check one side at a time. On one side, there is a cute sliding bee. There are four knbs near it which play music when pressed. Each knob plays a different tune.

On the next side there is a piano that has 5 keys. These keys also have flash lights that blink when the keys are pressed.

In the centre of table, there are 4 knobs that have pictures of different animals on them. When pressed, they play the sound of the corresponding animal. Surrounding these knobs is a rail that has all the English alaphabets. There is also a train that can be run on it. When the train moves on the alphabets, there is sound of ‘A B C D…’ which is good to introduce kids to alphabets.

One of the sides has a brake shift for the train which plays the corresponding sound. There is a train-whistle too adjacent to it.

Then there is a knob that tells the time of the day. Near it is a butterfly with flapping wings. One of the wings has a tiny mirror attached.

My Take

This Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table provides not only support to kids but also keeps them busy for a long time. Moms will love this table It makes kids learn new things as it has many things- train, alphabets, rattles, bee and music among others.

The table is meant for kids from birth upto 3 years of age. For younger kids it can be used without legs.

I like this table a lot and recommend it to every mother.

Here is the full video review of the table where you can see and understand each function closely

Do you have Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table?

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